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Available Releases

Package Releases

Packages are the preferred means of installing Engauge Digitizer, because the installation process is simple, robust and fast. Thanks to the wonderful contributions of the open source community, packages are offered on other websites for the following operating system distributions:

Unpackaged Binary Releases

Unpackaged binary releases are available on this website for the following operating systems:

Source Code Releases

If a binary release is not available for your computer, you must install a source code release. This method will work on a wide variety of platforms because the Engauge software is very portable, but the installation process is quite long because Qt 3.X/Desktop and FFTW must be first installed.

Source code releases are available on this website for the following file formats:

More details on the source code installation are available in the INSTALL file in the main directory.

Platform Notes

Mac OSX Known Issues

Unfortunately, the developers are no longer able to offer Mac OSX releases. Until mid-2006, we were able to build Mac OSX releases on free computers offered by Sourceforge.net, but those free services are no longer available.

Although Mac OSX users are still able to build Engauge Digitizer straight from source code, this is not recommended for most people. You will have to build two other software packages first - Qt from Trolltech.com and FFTW. Building the Qt, FFTW and Engauge packages from source code can take quite a while, even if no problems are encountered.

There are two other options for MacOS users:

  1. The people at ATG have been offering Mac OSX release packages for several years. You will find the slightly dated Engauge Digitizer version 4.0 in their Qt3.3.x software section.
  2. Jack Fink maintains Engauge Digitizer in the Fink distribution, as noted above. However this is only a source distribution as well, but it provides the neccessary libraries and tool chain. Probably the recommended option for now.

Microsoft Windows Known Issues

If you are still using Windows 98 or Windows ME and experience crashes, this is probably due to a conflict with other software installed on your system. To identify which software is causing the problem, restart your computer in Safe mode (Control F8). If the problem disappears in safe mode, then other software is causing the problem. Removing that software will stop the crashes.